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Sony launches PlayStation 2 TB hard drive

Sony collaborates with Seagate to launch officially licensed Game Drive for PlayStation 4 consoles.

This 2 TB external hard drive allows players to increase the memory capacity of their PS4 and connects via the console via a USB cable.

“Our new PS4 game drive has been rigorously tested and optimized for PS4 systems,” said Sony.

"A significant increase in storage capacity allows you to save your favorite old versions and add-ons, leaving room for new games."

It should be noted that games downloaded to a 2 TB game disc can only be accessed from the account that transferred the content.

Sony said that the external hard drive is easy to set up, holds about 50 games and is as fast as the games from the PS4's internal storage.

Game Drive for will be available at a suggested retail price of $ 90.

PS4 Game Drive 2

PS4 Game Drive

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