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SnowBank – BLEFF, Pravin Gordhan and imaginary Canadian account R675m

So, how does the five-time ANC minister serve the notoriously corrupt Kraft theocracy of the developing world on the shelf of 675 million Madibas in remote Canada? He does not do this.

First, some perspectives. In South Africa, depending on who you are asking, Pravin Gordkhan, minister of private enterprises, is either a tireless warrior against the scourge of corruption, or the head of Indian bondage, pumping hundreds of millions of rand into distant bank accounts, while also hindering the development of Floyd Shivambu"family assets and the destruction of Tom Moyana" Christmas in Mauritius.

The facts are less ambiguous – the courts regularly and with great annoyance write off charges against the minister (rogue divisions in the income service, light retirement plans for his buddies, etc., etc.), and it became clear that his enemies form the croup of the Renaissance era of Zuma in the ANC and its exiled adjuncts. Life must be unpleasant for Gordkhan, but it"embarrassed for their enemies, who are beginning to foam in their mouths and resemble cold-blooded mental patients every time they leave the limits of their luxury Mercedes-Benz vans.

However, international bankers could no longer spend these nuances. For them, Minister Gordkhan is a member of the ANC — a political party that is widely perceived as corrupt, profitable, and flooded with dirty money. (Also Bathabile Dlamini.) Of course, any director general of an international bank who stands behind his salt has a picture of Madiba from some forgotten corporate event of the 1990s, hanging on the wall. But for the banking sector of developed countries, the ANC is a political smegma. Although Gordkhan"S two terms as finance minister earned him great respect in Davos and other neoliberal salons, not talking about the main thing"t means a lot when the bank"regulatory requirements.

Secondly, why do we even discuss it? On Tuesday of this week, “Fighters of Economic Freedom” spent a small part of their limitless resources to hold a dance party outside the Brooklyn police station, after which they has filed numerous convictions against Public Enterpises the minister, (The day after he charged Malema.) The most significant one was "racket and / or money laundering" this refers to an account held with the Royal Bank of Canada, which is said to contain a stunning, but at the same time, symbolically significant amount of 675 million rubles. Why is it symbolically important? Thats"S almost equivalent to the number of Gupta brothers suggested by former Deputy Minister of Finance Messies Jonas when they tried to bribe him to take Nhlanha Nene"in 2015, give or accept some piece changes.

Six hundred million. Sign of the beast.

Although the EFF are unlikely to work directly in favor of the Gupta, they"re of course working intervention for those previously associated with Brothers Grim. One of them"t need to be a numerologist (or banker) to see how it manifests,

But in any case, welcome to the Royal Bank of Canada! Sit there ma"and try one of these delicious elk candies while you wait!

At the moment it is"it is probably necessary to briefly describe the banking sector in Canada, which, just so, is one of the most highly regulated in the world. (The question in parentheses is: why did the EFF choose Canada for this particular nonsense strike? Because it sounds far away? Because they are dead impressed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's abbot? To do without Nickelback?) After Canada"the economy was laid out in the early to mid-90s, a deal was struck between the government and what would become the country"the big four financial institutions: we regulate Begeus of you, and you maintain an unbreakable common monopoly. So far, so good – and although banks were subject to varying degrees of dubious mortgages at the end of zeros, they (and, accordingly, Canada) experienced a financial crisis with minimal damage.

And the bankers got rich af.

Homecoming is that Canada"Big Four banks"t play around, mainly because they don’t need it. (The Big Four should not be confused with the opaque and dangerously majestic Export Development Canada, the agency that provided Guptas $ 45 million for its Bombardier aircraft. And they also should not be mixed with Bombardier, a Montreal-based aerospace / transport company that supposedly is one of the most corrupt in the world.) Moving $ 45 million would not be a cinch, but that would be impossible. And neither Gordkhan will be the first person to make fraudulent deposits with a Canadian bank, which all the time accepts deposits of shysters. But they are different breeds of shysters, the like of which we do not produce in South Africa.

Before we take too many weeds, let's go through the really weak part of the EFF story. First, it should be noted that when they filed charges, they compiled a bank account number that is not"t matches anything that the RBC will give out. (How First noted in News24and confirmed Daily Maverick, the numbering system created by EFF does not exist in the bank in question.)

This is really, really stupid.

But unfortunately, this"this is not the stupidest thing about their accusations. The stupidest thing is that the name attached to the account is not Praveen Gordkhan"but, R jamandas gordhan who can be human but not right person,

Oh wait! Thats"this is not the stupidest thing! The stupidest thing (for the present now) is that the place where they insist on impossibility is a fake account No matterDoes not existThere is no place like Chebrook, Montreal. (They either thought about Sherbrooke, Quebec, which is a city in the French province, or RBC affiliate in Sherbrooke, Montreal).

So, what we have here is fucking Hogwarts banks.

But there is, I think, we"I have already mentioned, a very real problem with Gordkhan himself – he"d) are taken into account by the stringent requirements of the Nou Client global banking service as a politically open person (PEP), as well as fines and reputational the risk associated with such characters is not really worth what is associated with their banking business. Of course, there are many ways that Gordkhan could keep what the banker described to me as "anonymous beneficial interest in an offshore asset" which will need to be configured "with complex financial and legal advisors he won"This will be the first to do it successfully." (The banker did not"I want to be called because he"I feel that I am meeting the sad face of Godrich Gardy at 3 am on his lawn, having a meeting with 11 people in red t-shirts.)

What kind"as the banker said, this is an It is possible that this much money can be removed to Canada, given that the setting was carefully organized (and, therefore, outside of KEF EFFers, I"sad to say). For wit:

Regarding the amount: from the point of view of SA Exchange Control, one can access this quantum legally either through a one-time individual or corporate application to SARB and SARS, or through the annual R10m to the individual limit. To circumvent the application process, you can use the SA asset manager."s Restriction on asset redefinition. To gain access to this quantum legally using a radar below R1m per year for individual discretionary allowance, it will take a lot of time or the cooperation of a large extended family. Point, all three methods leave a paper mark.

But this is not what they say bluffers. They literally say that PraI'm sorry, R Jamandas Gordhan opened an account with his name at the RBC, not bothering with highly specialized work carried out by proper thieves – an excellent breed from VBS Mini Thieves – To secure and hide your money. Non-resident accounts are common in Canada, opened through personal or corporate funds through organizations such as as a companionor partnerships, provided that the funds deposited are from legal or legal sources and that the narrative is taking shape.

This, according to the second banker I spoke with, works just like any bank account. If it"this is the corporation we are talking about – and we are not – Gordkhan had to provide corporate documents showing that the company exists, that he has the right to open accounts, while IDENTIFwho may act on behalf of a company or partnership. Then he had to say where the money came from, why he chose Canada, and the bank will look at independent confirmation of the story.

All this could happen. But then again – this requires a trace of incriminating paper.

In other words, this is a very sloppy slander. But it can cost a lot of money. RBC and Canada"Management of the superintendent of financial institutions, equivalent to SA"SARB / Prudential Regulatory Authority has already requested to investigate this issue. Obviously, they will not disclose the details of personal accounts, but if they find out that Gordkhan “ordered various taxpayers” to deposit “large sums of money” into the account of RBC "exchange for benefits" – he will be non-bank in his non-bank account, and his fake money will be frozen. But if the EFF lie – which, of course, they are – They"Re the bolts. The bank will almost certainly sue for damage to reputation, and they can inflict real pain because the allegations relate to transactions that were conducted in US dollars.


So two things. Unforgivably, the EFF suggests that his supporters are idiots without critical thinking skills. Worse, they"Re counting on financial illiteracy and the lack of access to reasonable verification of the facts in order to use very reasonable disgrace who visits these late days of the ANC"South African Republic. Secondly, they"so desperately that any lie – no matter how undecided – will do. In any case, they canceled any claims to a reasonable opposition party. They are just another group of thugs in pajamas who want to get retirement from the state Praing Judge Gordkhan, whom they invented, is not their calamity. He is their hero.

it"it's a shame, but it looks like you can"t bank at all these days. DM


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