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Report: Cardi B and Offset Get Back Together

Cardi B and offset reportedly together again.

According to the report TMZ published today (january 31) Parents of Kulture to plan restore your relationship while I live under one roof. Bardi has already let the world know how she is serious As for the loyalty of Offset, the rapper Migos had to agree on several conditions.

Sources close to the couple claim that Offset has changed its phone number, so it’s harder for women to contact him. The new number is only for cardi and business contacts. Offset also introduced a strict “no fans” rule that will take effect during the Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta. A quality control artist reportedly does not allow female fans near him during his performances in Atlanta and beyond.

According to celebrity gossip, both rappers were communication and planning to get back together in the last month or so. Sources say that Offset has always wanted to show how serious is he about being faithful. After regular communication, Cardy, apparently, decided to give Offset a second chance.

After she announced the end of their relationship, Cardi and Offset reunite in puerto rico a few days before Christmas last month. Cardy later caused employee of the company for the rental of jet skis for the fact that they merged photos of their jet skis during their secret reunion.

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