Saturday , January 23 2021

RazerCare Essential Plan provides extended warranty services for Razer Phone owners.

Razer does not seem particularly touched by the gift spirit this holiday season, noting once again the efforts of the company's novice smartphones from $ 700 to $ 400, while still charging the full retail price for $ 800 for the recently released Razer Phone 2.

On the bright side, for what it costs, a computer gaming and peripheral specialist has just introduced its own extended warranty program for laptops and mobile phones. Suitable under the name RazerCare Essential, it provides an additional two years of standard coverage for the former product category and a second year for smartphones.

Unfortunately, those who have already purchased the Razer Phone 1 or 2 are no longer eligible to register Mobile Protection. New buyers must pay an advance of $ 99.99 to subscribe to the RazerCare Essential plan, and purchases made by third-party retailers cannot qualify for registration in a special manufacturer protection program.

The perks and benefits offered for your 100 bucks include automatic registration when you buy your device directly from Razer, 24-hour telephone support, free two-way delivery for repairs, held at Razer-authorized centers, and free transfer to the new owners if you decide sell your gadget before you finish 24 months.

Not surprisingly, incidental damage from drops, spills, or “other incidents” does not apply to the essential conditions of RazerCare Essential, and none of them is “God's act”. In addition, you are looking at $ 25 deductibles for most of the Razer Phone repairs and $ 150 fees if you need a replacement, which sounds true, but not completely destructive. In the end, some companies have similar extended warranty programs that do not cost anything in advance, without any deductible or shipping fees charged for repairs and replacements.

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