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KMPG "confidently" new boss will restore its reputation

The company confirmed the appointment of Ignatiy Sehol as executive director on Wednesday.

KPMG offices in Johannesburg. Image:

JOHANNESBURG – KPMG South Africa says it’s confident that Ignatius Sehol will influence and turn into a raging auditing firm.

The company confirmed its appointment as chief executive on Wednesday as it claws to keep customers after several political scandals.

Sehoole, the former deputy chief executive of the internal division of PwC, will take over from Nhlamulo Dlomu, who has been retreating for a year after being attracted to the restoration of the company's reputation.

KPMG Chairman Wiseman Nkuhlu says that the appointment of Sehoole is part of the transformation of the organization.

“Our culture, that we were engaged in the transition to a number of interaction processes, will ensure that they are under a leader who will become a role model in ethical behavior and quality processes. We are really starting to stabilize and grow in another 12-13 months. ”

(Edited by Mikhlali Ntsabo)

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