Sunday , January 24 2021

Kenya: Funnyman Dr Ofweneke unveils plans for remarriage after breaking up with his ex-wife

The comedian, who broke up with his ex-wife, evangelical actress Nika Koroleva, about a year ago, says that he will soon marry a very special person.

Comedian Sand Bush, better known for his stage name Dr. Ofvenke, revealed his plans to get married, almost a year after parting with his ex-wife evangelist Nika Koroleva.

In a radio interview, Dr. Ofvenka revealed that after the breakup with his daughter's mother, they both continued their lives.

“I’m sure I’ll get married soon and I’m meeting someone special,” Dr. Ofvenke said.


The singer continued to express her regrets about the failed marriage with Nika, saying that they were both to blame.

“Sometimes I miss her and regret that we did something different, we had to go far,” he said.

Dr. Ofvenke continued to spread rumors that the reason for the failed marriage was his consistent assault on Nick.

He argued that if this were so, then his daughter’s mother would not allow him to participate in her upbringing after their loss.

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