Wednesday , January 20 2021

Hans-Peter Brigel: Pep is to blame for the fall of Germany

Beginning with the 2014 World Cup, Germany has steadily declined. Joachim Law's side not only pulled away from Euro 2016 by the French, but was also very embarrassed in Russia when she finished at the bottom of Group F, which consisted of Mexico, Sweden and South Korea.

The plight of the Germans became even more apparent when on Friday he was assigned to League B after he finished at the bottom of his league.

Former West German defender Hans-Peter Brigel believes that this steady fall is none other than Manchester City's boss, the destruction of Pep Guardiola.

Although the Manchester City boss spent three seasons in Bavaria, winning everything except the Champions League, Brigel believes that Guardiola’s three-year stay in Bavaria and his tactics had a negative impact on German football.

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In 2013, the German moved from Jupp Heynckes and imposed his travel and domineering style on the Bavarians. Now, Brigel believes that the same philosophy has worsened German football, and now he is more worried about control of the ball.


Hans-Peter Brigel: “A very simple principle escaped from our mind that in football the result is more important than control over the game.” – Getty Images

“A very simple principle escaped our mind that the result in football is more important than control over the game. Since Guardiola arrived in Munich, something has changed. We had the illusion that you need 75% ownership to win. But controlling the ball is not enough to get the result, not always, at least, ”said Brigel. Repubblica,

Speaking about this, the former defender of Sampdoria also gave praise to France. "The recent history, as well as the world champions France showed that you can also win by leaving the ball to opponents and having less than 50% possession," he added.

Germany scored the ball in the last games, and possession reached 74 percent in the defeat of the World Cup in South Korea.

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