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Gospel of idol Yangi

“I hope that I will stay in the center of attention and focus on the main goal. It's about music, ”she says, adding that she has suspended her winnings and does not plan to spend R1m anytime soon.

The youngest participant in season 14 says that she was inspired by the participation of Loyiso Gijana, who participated in 2015. Then he was 16 years old. "I literally counted the days when I turned 16 so that I could enter."

Although a student in grade 11 tried to keep up with her school work through distance learning, due to the demanding rehearsal schedule, she could not fully cope with her studies. But she says that all is not lost, because she will fill it up through progressive tests, to be able to progress to grade 12 next year.

“My school, Rhodes Hai, really enjoyed throughout this journey, and I need to focus next year because I am passionate about studying the law of entertainment and continuing my musical studies outside the matrix,” she says.

“I also want to do motivational conversations, I want to create my own musical academy so that I can give to talented young people. I need to go to the Juilliard Music School, which is like the best music school! ”The famous institution is in New York.

Passion in many things, succeeding in the gospel genre, of course, is its main goal.

“I started writing music many years ago. So the material for the album is not a problem, I also sang [as a] so I knew that I could make a trip to Idols. I decided to make a gospel pop because it is the ideal platform for reaching young people. It should not be boring. ”

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