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Former assistant to head coach of Parktown Boys gets 23 years in prison

Former assistant water polo coach in Detroit Park Malta was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual abuse and another three years for the usual assault.

Collan Rex, 22, originally faced 327 charges. However, he pleaded guilty to 144 cases of sexual assault and 12 points of general assault. The court acquitted him with some accusations.

By sending the verdict on Thursday, acting judge Pete Johnson said that the disqualification by sentence was brought to court, not to the probation officer, who wrote the report that Rex had difficulty growing.

“When a person is sentenced, the court goes beyond personal circumstances,” he said.

The judge said that he also took into account the fact that there were victims who were monitored by suicide. He said that Rex's charges were serious and were directly related to his behavior.

“The crimes of which you were found guilty are serious,” he said.

"Serial sex offender"

"I have never encountered [a case where] a person was convicted of so many cases of sexual assault. From the facts you can not be described in any other way, but [as] consistent sex offender and sex bully, ”he said.

Johnson added that the court did not believe that Rex was not aware of the consequences of his actions.

He also added that it was necessary to ask whether Rex would continue his actions if the hostel owner did not make it into the video that was presented to the court as evidence.

“The sentence should not be used to destroy you, although you did not show mercy to your victims,” he said.

Johnson described Rex as a danger to society and children, and ordered that he be added to the sex crime register.

The trial of the case took place in the Supreme Court of Southern Gauteng, sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Initially, they were scheduled for September 17, but were postponed because the report on the pre-election of a probation officer was outstanding.

"Nothing wrong with his actions."

Earlier Thursday, advocate attorney William Roberts filed a lawsuit in his closing argument that when determining the sentence, Rex’s age should be taken into account.

He argued that, since Rex was subject to a culture of bullying, fighting, and touching his genitals at the time as a student in school, he did not see anything wrong with his actions.

Roberts added that the psychological effects and consequences that his victims suffered should not just blame Rex. He said that other students and teachers who mocked the victims should also be held accountable.

Johnson argued that if Rex did not hurt the boys, why did he dry them?

During the trial, it turned out that Rex would dry the boys in his dorm rooms.

State attorney Arveen Persard argued that boys' depression should be taken into account. She said it was disturbing that some of the victims were on antidepressants because of Rex’s actions.

“We sadly heard that the mattress student was writing his exams in a psychiatric institution,” said Persar.

“Intentional Behavior”

Perside added that Rex’s proposal should reflect that victims will have to live with trauma for the rest of their lives.

“This is the state’s submission to this court that the consequences of this crime are not limited to 17 victims,” she said.

Persard said that, at a minimum, the court should take into account that he also deals with other brothers and sisters who have suffered from the stress of incidents.

She put a minimum of people who suffered from this case, up to 68 people.

The lawyer said it was also stated by the state that the defendant’s behavior was “deliberate, inhuman, shocking, controlling manipulation and ruthlessness”.

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