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Five more women accuse film mogul besson of sex assaults

If you are a woman, you can’t get a question.

On the red carpet after the 68th anniversary of the film on the red carpet. Picture: AFP.

PARIS, France – Freedom of the assault and harassment

Hey, Hey, Hey! The fifth element.

He said that he was not happy.

EuropaCorp declined to comment on the new claims when contacted by AFP.

He said that he had to give him a message.

"A little kiss".

“I’m not sure why I’ve seen it.”


"I was petrified," she told Mediapart. "I had the idea of ​​him at a time, for me."

He's one of the most powerful players in the world. The big blue and Nikita and has his own studio on the edge of Paris.

His 2017 sci-fi epic Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets European film ever made with a 158-million-euro budget.

But it was a 27-year-old Belgian Dutch actress who was raped by Besson, 59.

Van Roy, who has only ever appeared in Besson films including Valerian, said she felt pressured to keep her roles.

Besson has categorically denied the claims, which his lawyer Thierry Marembert has denounced as "fantasist accusations".

In July, I’m not sure that I’ve been able to make it.

One of the other women also said that she had been a couple of women.

It was a gratuity during the 1995 meeting.

He has been kissed and acted inappropriately with her.

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