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Explanation: Why are PSGs wearing their kit against Liverpool?

The League 1 side chose a white place in the Champions League match on Wednesday in the Parc des Princes

When Paris Saint-Germain enters the field against Liverpool in the Parc des Princes on Wednesday, they will wear their white set of changes.

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp's side will run out in his traditional red, playing up the usual roles of home and remote teams.

This season, the PSG has two specialized European kits, both made with the Air Jordan brand, although neither is considered a “home” or “missing” kit.

During their encounter with the Reds at Enfield, they wore a black “fourth” kit, although this did not bring them any happiness, as they fought against the Premier League outfits and could have several complaints of descending 3-2, despite struggling to 2-0.

On Wednesday, however, they decided to wear their white strip of change at home, hoping that it would bring them changes in destinies.

There is no need for them to do this, with a black kit that does not offer to face a conflict with Liverpool. By choosing to wear his designated “third” set, he made his opponents eloquence because of an apparent collision.

This will be the first time that a white set appeared, and the PSG played exclusively in black in their first four Champions League games.

Why is PSG wearing Air Jordan?

This is the first season that PSG combined with Air Jordan, announcing a deal in September to become the first professional football club to join a brand better known for its presence in basketball.

However, the sets that they wear in the Champions League are only for European matches.

When you play home games, they can be seen in their usual blue color with red sound waves down the center. Meanwhile, their replacement set for Ligue 1 is a simple white with gold trim, slightly different from the European version, silver and having a thin rod in the center of the chest.

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The PSG may suffer from the Champions League if they lose against Liverpool on Wednesday, while the draw will leave them with the mountains to climb to the final round of matches next month.

Since they lost to Red in Anfield, they have bounced back, collecting five points out of three matches, although a few draws against Napoli mean they are playing a trap, heading into the last two rounds of matches.

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