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EXCLUSIVE: substance found on rape of Dros accused of having a positive experience with cocaine

The substance, discovered at the age of 20, accused of raping a 7-year-old girl in a bathroom in a Dros restaurant in Pretoria, was identified as cocaine.

A reliable source told News24 that a forensic analysis of the substance showed that he had tested positive for cocaine, and that the bill of charges was completed to reflect that the accused was in possession of cocaine.

In addition, the police also tracked down the man who spoke to the accused at a restaurant on the day of the alleged incident, and a statement was received from him.

Police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini confirmed to News24 that the police accepted all relevant statements from witnesses present that day.

On Wednesday morning, the defendant appeared at the pier of Pretoria Magistrate, where his case was postponed until next year.

In the news, 24 it was reported that the defendant, who wore a gray sweatshirt, could be seen sobbing and wiping tears from his eyes while he was standing in the dock. His head was bowed when he heard that the bed in the Weskoppi mental hospital was still unavailable.

Still waiting for bed

State defender Sanje Jacobson said Wednesday on Wednesday that the accused was number 14 on the waiting list for a bed. She asked to postpone the case until January 15, 2019.

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“As soon as the bed appears, we requisition the accused and it will be transferred,” added Jacobson.

The court also heard that the accused will be transferred to the district surgeon on Wednesday.

The magistrate Ignatius du Pease explained that, despite the delay, if the bed were available before that, it would be handed over.

Sent to mental observation

During the previous court hearing on November 1, the court granted the petition of the state and the defense that the 20-year-old defendant handed over to monitor the psyche.

The court also provided defense protection for the appointment of an additional psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist, which includes a team of four experts who will monitor the accused while in Weskoppi, which is a public psychiatric institution.

Advocate Rian du Plessis told the court that it was necessary to examine the mental state that the defendant had during the incident.

He added that the defendant was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and used drugs since he was 14 years old.

It was recorded that the previously accused underwent rehabilitation for substance abuse.

“He also tried to commit suicide due to severe bipolar depression,” said Du Plessis.

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News24 it was previously reported that the defendant was in a restaurant where he allegedly followed a 7-year-old child in a bathroom and raped her.

A video taken a few moments after the alleged incident showed that the man was covered in blood and angry patrons scolded him.

The accused has not yet filed a motion for his release on bail, and he has not asked for an accusation.

* News24 decided not to identify the accused until he asked the court, as provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code.

According to section 154 (2b) of the Law on Criminal Procedure: no person should at any stage until the defendant appeared in court on any charge specified in paragraph 153 (3) or at any stage after such appearance, but he admitted , published in any way any information relating to the prosecution.

Section 153 (3) refers to criminal cases involving charges of sexual offenses.

As soon as the accused agreed with the charges, News24 will reveal its identity in accordance with the law.

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