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DA Slams EFF and ANC for Choosing an Unsuccessful Airline for the Christmas Bonus for State Pensioners – The Citizen

In his speech in parliament on Wednesday, MP David Maillier expressed his surprise that ANC and EFF refused to offer pensioners a little more money at the end of the year, apparently preferring to spend money on a poorly managed and unprofitable airline instead.

The DP called for an amendment to the draft law on the appropriation of adjustments in order "to support senior citizens, improve road maintenance and improve rail transport."

Mr Meinier said an increase of £ 1.2 billion for the Department of Social Development would provide recipients with so-called old-age grants with an R355 ending before the end of the year, which he said to many in a society desperately in need.

“We did this after filing a forum for women pensioners with the financial committee.”

He quoted them saying, “With our pensions, we have to cover normal expenses plus additional expenses for school uniforms, shoes, stationery and extra food, because our grandchildren are on vacation and they are always hungry.”

He said that the extra money could come from R1.2 billion, apparently already intended to save SA Express Airways.

“The fact is that South African Express Airways can be closed almost immediately by opening up space for private sector operators who don’t cost billions of rand taxpayers when saving.

“We believe that the Minister [of finance, Tito Mboweni]which strongly supports the closure of South African Airlines will also strongly support the closure of South African Express Airways. ”

However, Mayneux said that after almost three hours of discussions at the appropriations committee meeting, the members of the ANC and EFF voted against the proposal for early replenishment for retirees at the end of the year.

“Awful, they didn’t pay attention to the pensioners … which was easy for them to do, because most of the members of the ruling party who serve on the Appropriations Committee are pensioners. But they receive a pension equivalent to the salary of a full member of parliament. ”

He concluded that “when it came to choosing between supporting retirees who are struggling to make ends meet and save state-owned zombies, both the ANC and EFF have decided to save the state-owned airline from zombies”.

Other reactions to the story included expressions of distrust that the EFF, which promised to double social grants in its election campaign, could not support what was basically a Christmas bonus for the poor and vulnerable in South Africa.

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