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City official signed a church event Busiri

An official in the city of Tshwane acknowledged that he had signed a security compliance certificate for an event at the church of the Prophet Shepard Bushiri in Pretoria in just a few days
after three women died in a crush in a church, but they said they did not know about the tragedy.

Lindive Lesole, co-chairman of the joint operational committee in the city, was summoned yesterday to the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities.

The hearing followed the calls of the public organization to close the Bushiri Church after a crush.

Lesole was identified as an official who provided the Busiri Church with a second certificate of conformity for the New Year's Eve event, just a few days after the death of three worshipers.

“No one told me that something terrible had happened. I was only told on the 29th [of December] that there were people who were injured, "the commission told Lesole.

She said that she was working closely with an unnamed police colonel, who did not mention to her that people died on December 28th. She said that her office did not know because they were on special leave.

When asked why the city allowed the event to be held on December 28, if she was on special leave, Lesole said: “We all focused on the 31st event.”

CRL Commission Chairman Toko Mkhvanazi-Haluva said that the city had clearly violated the law, allowing it to be held on December 28 because of their absence.

“You violated the law to go on vacation because the law says that you have to be there on the day of the event,” she said. "The city decides to close for two days, and in two days of fun three women died and 19 were injured."

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