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Bushiri church

Shepherd's Bushyri's Enlightened Christian Crossing (ECG)

The certificate was issued by the City of Tshwane's events management joint operations committee (JOC).

There are three women dead and several others injured. The stampede took place during a church service.

The National Civic Organization (Sanco).

It was a decree.

Mysimanga denied that it could not have been followed.

It is a fact that there is no need for certification.

"It is a lot of companions", "Msimanga said.

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They were in possession of.

But Msimanga told him he was merely responding in terms of what was allowed, by law.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll not be able to make it. agree if there is some inspections

It is not maintained.

"Metro" [and] We can then provide an answer to it. "

It was a certificate of compliance with the certificate on the church on December 28.

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It was a clarification.

This is what we should be able to respond to. when dealing with events in the city, "Msimanga reiterated.

Earlier during the hearing, Msimanga gave the background to the Pretoria Showgrounds where the ECG is operated.

He said the property had been donated to Tshwabac in 1995.

However, he added that it was handed over.

It was not used for any other purposes.

It can be used as a rule. It was intended for, "He said.

Recommendations on Thursday.

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