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A new approach to Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey for expanding the franchise may indicate that these games are ultimately quite large

Comically large map Odyssey Assassin & # 39; s Creedthat players can spend more than 100 hours exploring without completing all their quests and clearing all their caves and forts will not expand outward with the first expansion of the game. This change is from how the show handled downloadable add-ons in the past.

Cry of freedom, Dead kings, and Curse of the Pharaohsto name a few of several paid extensions sold in recent Assassin's Creed games-all added new territory beyond the default map of their game.

The Legacy of the First BladeOctober First Expansion Odyssey, instead installed on the main game map, a representative of the game publisher Ubisoft said KotakuThey could not confirm that the game has or does not have new interiors.

This does not mean that Ubisoft promises an expansion, which they still pay for 25 bucks for $ or $ 40 if you go for both extensions of the game in a season. It seems that in The Legacy of the First Bladetelling the story Odyssey The meeting of the protagonist with the proto-killer Darius, the first owner of the legendary hidden blade series. The trailer for expansion shows new characters, new videos and new elements, such as a ship that seems to have a flamethrower.

After the September announcement OdysseyIn this case, it is unclear how the additions to the game will be added. OdysseyThe creators and PR specialists emphasized that they use a new approach to post-release content, laying out the plots in chapters: three for expansion in two extensions, one about Darius and one about the lost city of Atlantis. Last years Origin of Assassin & # 39; s Creed there were two extensions, each of which was released in full at once, and each added new land with new places to explore and quests to complete. It is not known how a new landscape could be added for episodic extensions. This is a moot point now, and Ubisoft says that at least for First blade we will be on the same extensive map on which we played the rest of the game. (We did not ask if this would be so for the expansion of Atlantis, and the door remains open for things that need to be changed on the existing map and for adding new interior spaces).

As in the case of origin"Extensions", players need to be a certain level of access to the content. A spokesman for Ubisoft said Kotaku that players will have to be at level 28 or higher and complete the quest relating to the island of Naxos in the seventh (out of nine) main chapters of the game.

The Legacy of the First BladeThe first episodic chapter, Hunted, will live in Odyssey on Tuesday, December 4, giving all the players and creators of the game a chance to see how this new approach is played.

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